Expedited IT Service


When disaster strikes

Carolinas Cloud strikes back


Do you have an IT emergency? We can spin-up all of your company locations fast with our IT Expedite Service. Reasons why IT Expedite Service is needed:

  • IT lightning damage – NC is 2nd in the US in lightning strikes

  • Flood, burst pipe, fire, spilled soft drink, A/C cooling failure damage in the server room

  • Ransomware or hacker attack

  • Business continuity compliance issue or encryption compliance issue,

  • Hurricane zone risk or security threat

  • Emergency budget reduction by EOY (yes, 100% we can help here)

  • IT hardware or software vendor support stoppage notification

  • Pandemic or pandemic business continuity business requirement

  • Significant number of employees must securely work at home or offsite

  • Key IT employee(s) quits or is separated from the company

  • Employee risk issues

  • Sabotage

  • Considering having to hire extra full-time IT staff at any level

  • Considering having to hire expensive IT consultants

  • Server failing more frequently or IT red flags with no full redundancy

  • Too many IT outages effecting the organization, ….

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