Larry Dellinger

Larry Dellinger
Executive Team - Chief Executive Officer
Direct: 704-247-4130

Larry Dellinger is Founder and CEO at Carolinas Cloud that was established in 2016.

He has over 35 years of experience creating and investing in small businesses.

Under Larry's leadership he has assembled a team of professionals and experts that will provide and exceed our clients’ expectations. 

He currently resides in Cornelius, NC and enjoys traveling, boating, tennis, and being a foodie with his wife Sonya.

Roy Williams

Roy Williams
Executive Team - Chief Information Officer
Direct: 704-247-4135

Roy Williams is our CIO and Co-Founder, focusing on infrastructure, automation, and scalability.

Roy has been working with electronics and computers since childhood, and has worked in the IT field for the past ten years. He has a strong background in free open source software and working with automation tools to create scale-able computing environments. This is not only his career it is his hobby as well.

Mike Dunn

Mike Dunn
Executive Team - Director of Sales
Direct:  704-247-4137
Mobile: 704-408-8050

An entrepreneur at heart, Mike Dunn launched his first computer training and software development business when he was just 21 years old. With Bachelor’s degrees in both Finance and Information Systems and minors in Economics and Psychology, Dunn embarked on a 24-year sales career for an IT Fortune 50 company. He soared to the top of his field, matching customers’ corporate goals and objectives to bleeding-edge technology. After being a “perennial top performer” and having most of his major accounts for over twenty years, he gladly took the buyout offer and has never looked back. 

 In hindsight, as a point of pride, he realized that after nearly ALL of his major projects his primary contacts were either promoted or were already C-Level. He credits these results to his attention to detail and his expert cost justification skills used to justify his customer’s IT projects. After the completion of major projects, his tactic would be to encourage his customer contacts to present the post-project results to his or her board. Thus, resulting in many of his customer contacts receiving promotions.

 Now, Dunn is a partner in Carolinas Cloud where he treats all of his small, medium-sized, and large customers with the same customer care and business analysis used with major accounts. He has the expert cost justification skills set, out of the box thinking, and a keen eye on the customer’s goals to bring real and measurable value to business relationships.