Developmental Disabilities Resources, Inc.

One of the most difficult tasks to face for a business is making the decision to move its cloud services to a new vendor. It’s never an easy process and in many cases the fear of stepping into the unknown not knowing what to expect can be overwhelming. There is always the looming question of whether the new vendor will at the very least meet expectations or will the new vendor fail leaving your business worse off than before. For our business, moving to Carolinas Cloud was undoubtedly a good, sound decision. Every detail about our new environment was explained before, during and after deployment so that we were aware of what to expect; eliminating that familiar fear of stepping into the unknown. Carolinas Cloud did an outstanding, seamless job transitioning our business to our new cloud environment. They have greatly made an improvement in streamlining our business operations and increased our security to exceed HIPAA standards. Carolinas Cloud managed to make moving our cloud services an exciting experience.

Developmental Disabilities Resources, Inc | Eric Dettrey | Charlotte, NC